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Any Situation.
ACM Investment Group was established to help homeowners and investors liquidate properties with as little hassle as possible.
Let us help you.
Close Within 10 Days.
When we say we're going to buy your property, we mean it. From the moment we make an offer, you can expect us to close the transaction within 10 days or less.
Ready to sell?
Provide us with a little information about your home and we will contact you within 3 hours to discuss all of your options.
No realtor fees

save 6.0%

Amount of cash

up to $500k

fast & easy process

only 10 Days

Worst case scenario

up to 15 days

About Us

We are a professional real estate investment firm based in Atlanta, Georgia that is backed by more than 30 years of experience. As professional home buyers, we work with individuals, investors, or other firms who need to liquidate property quickly.

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Our Home Buying Process

Committing to Sell

We purchase every home outright under a legally binding contract. For that reason, we limit ourselves to work with committed sellers only.

Home Valuation

We need to know the valuation of your property, along with an analysis of comparable properties in the neighborhood, preferably within the last 2 years.

Onsite Property Assessment

We visit the property to view its overall condition, along with the surrounding neighborhood, nearby schools, crime rate evaluation, etc. We purchase every home on an “as-is” basis.


Final paperwork is signed, title and security instruments are transferred, and keys are delivered. Funds are transferred immediately upon closing.

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