Divorce is a difficult situation in its own right — but the stakes can be raised considerably when division of property comes into play. If you need to liquidate joint property quickly as part of a divorce settlement, ACM Investment Group can help. We will evaluate your property, assess its value and close within 10 days of making an offer, so you can finalize your divorce and move on with your life as quickly as possible.

When Your Divorce Requires a Quick Sale

In a divorce situation, the best-case scenario is for both parties to work together on dividing marital assets. One of the spouses may keep the house in exchange for other assets, or the divorcing couple might agree to divide the earnings in due course when the house sells. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and sometimes circumstances can prompt divorcing couples to ramp up their efforts to make a clean break. For example:
  • If your divorce has been particularly contentious, and you don’t feel you can “wait out” the normal process of selling a home with an agent after judgment
  • If you are getting the house in the divorce settlement, but there are too many painful memories and you don’t want to hang onto it
  • If you are under financial strain from the divorce itself and need to liquidate in order to reset your finances
In these and similar situations, ACM can work with you to expedite the sale of your home. We’ll take a look at the market value and condition of the home, make you an offer and move toward closing within 10 days. We’ll transfer funds immediately to your account at closing so you can find personal closure more quickly.

Information for Attorneys

If you are a divorce or family law attorney with a client under duress from a divorce, we can coordinate with you to help your client sell their home quickly. Contact us for more details on how we work with attorneys to serve their clients’ needs.

Let Us Help

When you need to simplify the liquidation of real estate during a difficult divorce, we are here to help.