Portfolio Liquidation

If you are investor with a portfolio of homes to liquidate, chances are you don’t have the time or bandwidth to sell all of them individually through an agent, or wholesalers. That’s where ACM Investment Group can help. Through our portfolio liquidation service, whether you’re selling one home or 50, our streamlined buying process will help you convert those homes to cash quickly and painlessly, typically within 10 days of the offer.

Benefits of Quick Portfolio Liquidation

Real estate investors tend to accumulate multiple properties over time, to the point that they can become cumbersome or financially burdensome to manage and maintain. As an investor, a portfolio liquidation can help in any of the following situations:
  • If you are trying to consolidate your portfolio (for example, rolling your investment from lots of smaller homes into a few larger multi-family units)
  • If you’re trying to raise a down payment for a larger real estate development
  • If you need to divest quickly, perhaps due to a financial hardship, a divorce or other major life change
  • If you are ending a business partnership and you either need to split up the assets or liquidate for the purposes of a buyout
In these or similar circumstances, ACM can expedite the purchase of multiple homes at once—and because we buy your homes outright rather than “flipping” them to other investors, you can have confidence in a quick, stress-free closing. Once we make an offer, we close within 10 days, transferring the cash to your account the day of closing so you can walk away free and clear.

Information for Attorneys

If you represent the interests of a client who needs to liquidate multiple assets quickly, we can help. Get in touch with us for details on how we work with attorneys to serve their clients’ needs.

Let Us Help

At ACM, we have many years of proven experience and honest dealings with real estate investors just like you. We can help you liquidate your assets quickly and with minimal stress so you can get on with the next investment or next phase of life. Want to learn more about our portfolio liquidation services?