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Tresa W.
Atlanta, GA
Demetrius T.
Atlanta, GA
May, 2019
Working with ACM was great!
The representatives responded to my inquiry immediately and sent one of the most amazing agents out. Isaiah was very professional and honest. After having a bad experience with a different company, working with Isaiah made me feel confident in making serious decisions about the future of my home.

I had a great experience.
My house was sold within a timely matter and I was paid on time without any problems. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. Very satisfied!!!

With so many homes for sale in Atlanta, your home could sit for a while.

Selling your house in a crowded market can be difficult. But with acmig, it doesn’t have to be. That’s because we eliminate the waiting, back and forth negotiating, price cuts and out-pocket costs. With acmig, your house is sold on day 1.

Number of homes for sale in Atlanta


With so much competition in Atlanta, getting your home to stand out often means investing in costly improvements, repairs and staging. The most current and desirable homes in Atlanta go fast while dated homes may take months, and several price cuts, to sell. If you’re in hurry and do not want to spend thousands of dollars, acmig is your best option.

Average days on market in Atlanta


Every month your home sits on the market, it loses buyer appeal which results in price cuts. Not to mention, you continue to pay your mortgage, insurance and property tax while you wait. Before you know it, you could be down $5,000 – $10,000 from what you originally hoped to walk away with. With acmig, your home sells on day 1, so you never lose a penny.

Average number of homes in Atlanta with price cuts


The more houses for sale in Atlanta, the longer yours may to take to sell. But you’re not the only one who worries about a long sale. Listing agents don’t want to wait months to be paid, so advising homeowners to lower the price in hopes that it will sell faster is in their best interest. Not yours. With acmig, our same day offers are firm and never change

Average home sale price cut in Atlanta


To a listing agent, a $15,000 price cut only amounts to a $900 commission loss, so it’s no big deal for them to lower your sale price. But for you, that $15,000 that comes right off of your bottom line. And often, you don’t realize how much you’re losing until you receive your check at closing. With acmig, you know exactly how much you will walk away because the offer we make is the amount you receive.

Discover All You Need To Know About The Atlanta Market

Are you interested in selling your Atlanta home? Do you want to capitalize on the current 5.4 percent year-over-year growth rate that residential properties are currently experiencing? Whether you are enticed by an all-cash offer, or you want to close on your home in as little as 7 days, the acmig Atlanta team is here to help.

Average cost of repairs in Atlanta

If you sell your house with a listing agent and want to get “market value”, all necessary repairs and updates need to be made prior to listing. These costs are paid directly from the seller and can really add up. With  acmig, we buy as is, in any condition, so you never have to pay a penny to repair, replace, remodel or even clean your home before you sell.

Kitchen remodel






On average, ACM customers in Atlanta save $20,181.
Bathroom remodel






On average, acmig customers in Atlanta save $11,941.
HVAC repair






On average, acmig customers in Atlanta save $4,463.
Foundation repair






On average, acmig customers in Atlanta save $3,870.

Experienced agents, a better experience

Introducing ACM. A more professional, transparent way to sell your home, as is, with licensed real estate agents* who make sure everything goes right. With acmig, selling your home is simple, fast, and certain.


No inspections, no repairs, no commissions

Don’t spend a penny getting your house ready. We buy as is, with no commissions or closing costs, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses.

No listing, no showing

No need to constantly clean and open your home to strangers. Get a firm, fact-based offer on the spot that won’t change later.

No waiting, no worrying

With acmig, your home is sold on Day One with an actual offer and not just an estimate, so you don’t have to worry about paying the mortgage while you wait for a buyer.

Are You Wanting or Needing to Sell Your House Fast?

Request a fair cash offer and sell your house to us! We buy houses all across the nation and we’re local homebuying experts in Atlanta.Good news – there’s no need to work with a traditional real estate agent.In Atlanta, we buy houses in all neighborhoods and in any condition. When you work with acmig, our experienced agents are there with you throughout the process. Unique challenges? No problem. Our agents have the expertise and knowledge to handle it all

Reasons You Might Need to Sell Your House Fast in Atlanta

Selling a home can be a huge challenge and take way too much time. It’s often considered one of the more stressful things you will ever do in your life. Now imagine having to sell your house fast! You may be in this exact situation right now, wondering what your options are. You’re in luck—acmig is a national home buyer and we buy homes from individuals in Atlanta for many of the reasons listed below:

  • You may have been offered a new job (congrats!) but now you need to move quickly
  • You may be experiencing financial hardship
  • You may be going through an unexpected life upheaval
  • You may have received an unwanted inheritance home due to the death of a family member
  • You may be going through a divorce
  • You may be a landlord, and you’re ready to sell your unwanted property or burdensome rental property
  • You may be facing foreclosure
  • Your house may have fire or water damage
  • You may need to get rid of a vacant house you don’t want to worry about

And the list goes on. If any of the situations sound familiar, you are in the right place and acmigo  may be one of the best ways to sell your house fast in Atlanta. Our local agents have helped thousands of individuals in Atlanta and surrounding areas, like yourself, sell their house fast for cash and move forward with the fresh start they deserve.

Why Isn’t My House Selling in Atlanta?

There were more than five million homes sold in the United States in 2018 , so why isn’t your house selling? There are many reasons a house may not sell, but a few of the most common include:

  • It may be overpriced for the Atlanta market
  • It needs repairs or updates
  • It has little to no curb appeal
  • Its location is unappealing: busy street, neighborhood issues
  • It has too much competition: too many “better” homes for sale
  • It may not be the best time to sell a house in Atlanta

It’s a tough market out there especially when you need to sell a house fast for a fair price. Buyers can be deluded by the “perfect” homes they see for sale on popular home improvement shows. They want move-in ready, and staged to cater to their ideal of beauty. But this is the real world and not all homes for sale look like what we see on TV. We’re real people like you, and we buy houses—just like yours.

The Acmig Difference

We are not other “we buy houses” companies. All our agents are licensed professionals* who are knowledgeable about the market in Atlanta and we’d like to give you a fair offer for your home.

When we say bring experience to the table, we’re not exaggerating. Every year, we buy more than $1 billion in houses. That’s one home bought every 20 minutes! When you need to sell your house fast for cash, acmigo is the best solution.

The average time for closing on a house is more than 40 days! You don’t have that much time to waste. Because your time is important to us, we don’t keep you hanging. Need to sell your house fast? No problem! We make same-day offers and will close the deal as quickly as you want, in as few as 7 days.

A fast closing definitely is a game-changer for selling your house, but we don’t stop there. When you work with us, we flip the “traditional” real estate selling process on its head. It’s all about you, the seller. We want to buy your house without hassle or wasting time. What does that actually mean for you?

  • NO inspections
  • NO expensive repairs
  • NO staging the home
  • NO extensive cleaning and de-cluttering
  • NO intrusive open houses
  • NO last-minute showings

But What About Fees and Extra Costs?

When you sell your house to , we are committed to helping you understand our process. We’re not going to throw a bunch of numbers at you, change those numbers several times, and then expect you to pay dozens of hidden costs. Forget the stress that accompanies the traditional way of selling your house.

We buy houses quickly and professionally and, since we are industry professionals, you can come to the table knowing that when we make an offer, even on the very first day, we won’t lower the price. Sell your house  and you pay ZERO commission charges and ZERO closing costs – even choose a closing date that works for you.

So How DO I Sell My House Fast to acmig?

Take advantage of one of the best real estate solutions available today. To sell your house in Atlanta fast, there are 3 easy steps.

  • Schedule an in-home appointment with one of our local agents.
  • We make an offer.
  • We buy your house in Atlanta with cash.

It’s that easy! This method of selling your home is much less stressful and requires much fewer steps than the traditional process. You can do this. We buy houses in any condition and we’re ready to learn about your unique situation.

Isn’t it time to talk to a acmig agent today? Fill out the form today and get one step closer to selling your home within as little as 7 day

Common Questions Asked by Homeowners in Atlanta

Selling your home is a major decision, and you may have some lingering questions about us, our process, and if it’s the right fit for you. We want you to feel fully confident in whatever choice you make. Before you make your next move, we invite you to get to know us a little better and explore what other homeowners in your neighborhood have been wanting to know.


What types of homes does acmig buy?


We buy residential homes, condos, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and townhomes in any condition! Even if your house has thousands of needed repairs, you can sell your house fast to acmig.


Does ACM charge any fees?


No. Selling your house to Acmig is entirely free. There’s no service charge, no commission, no closing costs, and no obligation to sell, even after you receive your cash offer. We buy houses in Atlanta at no cost to you.


Does ACM buy houses from landlords, real estate agents or other investors?


Yes. Acmig works with wholesalers looking to sell multiple homes in Atlanta, or investors/landlords looking to sell homes they would like to cash out of. Whether you’re looking to sell one home or multiple homes, Acmig has purchased billions of dollars in homes and can help!

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